The Skool

The Skool functions as the educational facilitation division of IIPE. Our primary emphasis at The Skool lies in offering targeted educational assistance to children, educators, and parents.

Educational programs aimed at enhancing holistic child development taking several forms, both in and outside of formal educational settings.

Enhancing holistic child development necessitates a comprehensive strategy encompassing the diverse dimensions of a child's physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and creative growth.

Our programs at The Skool:

  • Educational therapy:
    A personalized approach to learning that combines educational and therapeutic techniques to support individuals in overcoming learning challenges and reaching their academic potential.
  • Occupational therapy:
    A specialized form of therapy that helps individuals develop, regain, or maintain the skills needed for daily activities including literacy performances, in order to enhance the overall quality of life.
  • School preparatory program:
    Emphasizes self-directed learning, hands-on activities, and individualized attention to foster independence, creativity, and early literacy skills needed for formal primary education.
    • Character Education Programs:
      • Values-Based Education: Teach virtues like honesty, kindness, responsibility, and respect through stories and activities.
      • Service Learning: Involve children in community service projects to develop empathy and a sense of social responsibility.

    • Readers are leaders:
      Encourage reading for pleasure, vocabulary building, and language development.

    • Outdoor Education Programs:
      Develop an appreciation for nature, ecological awareness, and outdoor skills.
    Our holistic approach at The Skool, involves nurturing all dimensions of a child's development to help them become well-rounded, capable individuals.

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