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The Speechie serves as the dedicated Speech-Language Pathology department within IIPE.

The Skool functions as the educational facilitation division of IIPE.

The MEN division prioritizes and enhances mental health through programs promoting resilience, stress management, self-care, and coping strategies.

The Bridge stands as the highly specialized training facilitation division within IIPE.

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Empowered Minds


Transformed Professionals

Articulation and Phonological Therapy

12 | 5.0 Reviews

Targeted at improving the production of speech sounds for clearer communication.

Holistic Child Development Program (HCDP)

6 | 5.0 Reviews

This is a structured early childhood program that focuses on communication, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development through play-based learning.

Stress Management programs

13 | 5.0 Reviews

Stress Reductio n Techniques: Providing practical tools like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and time management.

Corporate training sessions on stress management

16 | 5.0 Reviews

Greatly benefit employees and help improve their overall well-being and productivity. Educate participants about different types of stress and provide them with practical coping strategies. This include cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), negro-linguistic programming techniques (NLP), positive self-talk, and reframing stressors.

Fluency Therapy

20 | 5.0 Reviews

Techniques to reduce stuttering patterns and promote fluent speech.

Intensive communication Development Program (ICDP)

21 | 5.0 Reviews

Focuses on development of social communication, speech and language skills based on both individual and group exposure.

Happiness and Well-Being Coaching

8 | 5.0 Reviews

Individualized coaching sessions to explore personal well-being goals and develop strategies for achieving them.

Personal Development Workshops

11 | 5.0 Reviews

Teaching effective goal-setting strategies and time management techniques. This can reduce feelings of overwhelm and stress caused by a heavy workload.

Voice Therapy

20 | 5.0 Reviews

Vocal Hygiene and Health: Teaching proper voice use and care to prevent or manage voice disorders.

Educational therapy

9 | 5.0 Reviews

A personalized approach to learning that combines educational and therapeutic techniques to support individuals in overcoming learning challenges and reaching their academic potential.

Mindfulness and Meditation Programs:

11 | 5.0 Reviews

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): Teaching mindfulness meditation to reduce stress and promote present-moment awareness.

Work-Life Balance

26 | 5.0 Reviews

Guide employees on achieving a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.


Inspiring Success Stories from the International Institute for Personal Excellence

Am extremely happy about it...

4.9 | 5.0 Reviews

The course was well-organized, friendly. Join now, don't miss out!


Amazing team!

4.9 | 5.0 Reviews

This amazing team offers excellent personal growth programs. Highly recommended!

Thilini Bandaranayake

My mother's Thyroid Gland...

| 5.0 Reviews

I consulted Dr. Nimeera for my mother's post-thyroid surgery voice issues. Impressed and highly recommend his services. Thanks, Dr. Nimeera!

Rohan Dias

A Life-Changer!

4.9 | 5.0 Reviews

IIPE transformed my life. Their innovative training sessions empowered me. Grateful!

Aanya Perera

Empowerment at Its Best

| 5.0 Reviews

IIPE's inclusivity empowers Sri Lankans with transformative programs and vital mental health.

Dinesh Fernando

Good place..

4.9 | 5.0 Reviews

Good place to help Children with Special Need for Psychological Counselling.

Prabodha Godawita

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